Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon sinus dilation bridges gap in sinus treatment

It can provide relief for those who don’t qualify for surgery, says Lakeside ENT and Allergy, which offers the treatment. This procedure treats chronic sinusitis, which affects 29 million Americans with intense pain and pressure. —Read Full Article By Jennifer Muscato, Messenger Post Media Freelancer

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, medications or surgery may not be your only treatment options. An innovative office-based procedure offered by Lakeside ENT and Allergy provides immediate, long-lasting relief to qualified patients, with rapid recovery time, the business says.

Dr. Srinivas Kaza is one of three otolaryngologists at the 229 Parrish St. practice to perform balloon sinus dilation — a minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure used to treat chronic or recurrent sinusitis.

“It’s become a great tool for helping patients who have chronic sinus disease or infections which don’t necessarily warrant a full-blown surgery,” Kaza said.

Lakeside ENT has offered the procedure since January 2014 and is the only ear, nose and throat specialist in the area to provide this option. Balloon sinus dilation can improve patients’ quality of life by significantly reducing their symptoms and the need for medication, said Kaza, who said the practice has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the procedure.

Video of Live Case Study: Performing an in-office sinus dilation using XprESSTM Ultra Multi-Sinus DIlation System paired with an ethmoidectomy and turbinate reduction.

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