Allergies: Everyone loves spring right?

Everyone loves spring right? Well, not quite everyone. For allergy sufferers, this can be a dreaded time of year. It is wet and windy and that creates a perfect environment for mold spores to blow around. Combine this with the grass pollens and now the tree pollens starting to bloom, and you have some people really suffering with allergy symptoms!

Allergy Testing

The best time to get started with allergy testing and treatment for all of this is before the season. The reason for this is that allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy drops take a long time to safely change the body’s immune response to the allergens outside. Allergy shots are given weekly in an attempt to change the way the immune system “thinks” about these allergens. Sublingual immunotherapy drops are taken daily but in the convenience of your own home for the same response.

If you suffer for allergies in any season, please call us, (585) 394-8800 as we can help you enjoy the outdoors more comfortably!

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